Main Hall

Multiple usage event hall

1) Total Seating Capacity: 200

- The room can be set up for End-stage style or Center -stage style.

2) Stage size

- Depth 15.2 m , Width 10.9 m, Ceiling 8.1m

3) Other facts

- The hall, foyer and practice room for play can be combined by removing the partitions.

- Shielding screen can be set between the hall and the foyer.

- Exhibition panel can be installed in the hall and the foyer.

- The 36.2 m2 Dressing room can accommodate 14 seats.

Other Facilities

- Practice room for play is 88.7m2 with installed mirror.

- There are 2 waiting rooms(6.2m2 and 7.8 m2), and can accommodate 4 seats in each room.