Main Hall

1) Total Seating Capacity: 1350

- There are 951 seats on the 1st floor, and 399 seats on the 2nd floor.
- Seats for wheelchairs are on the 1st floor

2) Stage facts

- Size: Depth 19.4 m , Width 35 m

- When the stage is set for a concert, the width will be 17.7m and the height will be 12m.

- When the stage is set for a play, the width can be between 12.7m and 17.7, and the height can be between 7.2m and 12m.

3) Stage supplies

- Orchestra pit, opera curtain, Hanamichi, Ceiling room, Stage elevator, etc.

4) Other

- Foyer bar counter

- 5 Dressing rooms (2 of these rooms are equipped with shower and toilet)

- Artist Lounge